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Heavy haul freight, also known as over dimensional freight, refers to cargo that exceeds the standard size and weight limits for transportation. These shipments require specialized equipment and logistics to ensure safe and efficient delivery. There are several key characteristics that define heavy haul freight and distinguish it from regular shipping.
One characteristic of heavy haul freight is the size of the cargo. These shipments are typically larger and heavier than standard freight, and may require the use of specialized trailers or other equipment to accommodate their size. This can include oversized loads that exceed the width, height, or length limits for standard shipping, or extremely heavy loads that require specialized vehicles or cranes to move them.
Another characteristic of heavy haul freight is the level of specialized handling required. These shipments often require additional planning and coordination to ensure that they can be safely transported. This can include obtaining permits for oversized loads, securing escort vehicles to accompany the shipment, and ensuring that the route is clear of any low bridges or other obstructions.
In addition to size and specialized handling, heavy haul freight also requires specialized equipment to transport it safely. This can include specialized trailers with reinforced frames and reinforced tires, as well as cranes or other lifting equipment to load and unload the cargo. The drivers who transport heavy haul freight are also typically highly trained and experienced, as these shipments require a high level of skill and attention to detail to handle safely.
Another important characteristic of heavy haul freight is the level of insurance coverage required. These shipments are often more valuable and prone to damage or loss, and may require higher levels of insurance coverage to protect against potential losses. This can include cargo insurance, as well as insurance for the specialized equipment and vehicles used to transport the cargo.
In addition to the characteristics mentioned above, heavy haul freight may also require specialized documentation and paperwork to facilitate the transportation process. This can include shipping documents, permits, and other documentation that is required to transport oversized or over dimensional loads.
Overall, heavy haul freight is a specialized type of shipping that requires specialized equipment, handling, and insurance to ensure safe and efficient delivery. If your business requires heavy hauling services, it is important to choose a reliable and experienced transportation provider like Rite Way Auto Transport. With a team of highly trained drivers and a fleet of specialized equipment, Rite Way Auto Transport is well-equipped to handle all of your heavy hauling needs. Contact Rite Way Auto Transport today to learn more about their services and to request a quote for your next heavy haul freight shipment.

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