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When it comes to heavy haul transportation, choosing the right carrier is essential. Heavy equipment and machinery require specialized transportation solutions, and selecting the right carrier can mean the difference between a successful and seamless transport or a costly and frustrating experience. In this blog, we will provide expert tips for choosing the right heavy haul carrier.

  • Experience

The experience of the heavy haul carrier is one of the most critical factors to consider when selecting a transportation company. You want to choose a carrier that has years of experience in the heavy haul industry. The more experience a carrier has, the more likely they are to have encountered a wide variety of heavy haul transportation challenges and developed the expertise to overcome them. Experienced carriers will be familiar with the regulations and permits required for each state and have an established network of trusted partners.

  • Safety Record

Safety is always a concern in heavy haul transportation. You want to choose a carrier that has a proven safety record. This means researching the carrier’s safety history, including their accident and incident rates, and their safety procedures. Look for carriers that have a strong safety culture, are committed to ongoing training for their drivers, and regularly maintain and inspect their equipment.

  • Equipment

Specialized equipment is required for heavy haul transportation. When selecting a carrier, it is essential to ensure that they have the right equipment for your needs. This includes lowboy trailers, flatbed trailers, step deck trailers, and double-drop trailers. The carrier should have well-maintained equipment and a fleet of vehicles that can accommodate the specific size and weight of your equipment. Additionally, they should have specialized equipment such as cranes, forklifts, and rigging gear to handle heavy equipment and machinery.

  • Customer Service

Choosing a heavy haul carrier is not just about the transportation itself, but also the level of customer service the carrier provides. Look for carriers that are responsive, communicative, and provide personalized solutions. A good carrier will work with you to create a customized transportation plan that meets your specific needs, and they should be available to answer your questions and address your concerns throughout the transportation process.

  • Reputation

A carrier’s reputation is an important factor to consider when selecting a transportation company. Look for carriers with a good reputation in the industry, which can be determined through online reviews and testimonials from past customers. You can also check their ratings on industry-specific platforms, such as the Better Business Bureau, to ensure that they have a solid track record of customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, choosing the right heavy haul carrier is crucial to the success of your heavy haul transportation. Consider the carrier’s experience, safety record, equipment, customer service, and reputation when making your selection. At Rite Way Heavy Hauling division, we offer a wide range of transportation solutions for oversized and overweight equipment and machinery. We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to provide safe and reliable transportation for your heavy equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our heavy haul transportation services and how we can assist with your transportation needs.


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